General informations


How to oder


Please write or send us a Fax or an e-mail using our Order Form and specify the product number, the chemical name and the quantity.


Most of our products are also available via the new Webshop (TransMIT Webshop). Register and search the products. For any products or quantitiy not available in the shop yet, sent your special request to e-mail.


Terms and conditions of sale


Net 30 days. Payments are requested in EUR or USD (daily exchange rate USD/EURO) by money transfer to our bank accounts (charges to be covered by the customer). Payment by credit card is NOW possible too. Prices are subject to change. All orders are insured at the buyer's expense. Shipping charges and a handling fee will be added to the invoice. Customs fees and VAT have to be covered by the customer. By placing a definite order the customer is accepting our “Terms and conditions” of sale.




Please inquire substantial savings on large quantities or standing annual requirements.




Some of the chemicals listed could be toxic or otherwise hazardous, and they should be handled only by qualified individuals trained in laboratory procedure. The information and data given in the catalogue and the price list are correct to the best of our knowledge, but the accuracy is not guaranteed. TransMIT PlantMetaChem will not be responsible for any loss or damage involving the use of our chemicals or products beyond the purchase price. No returns are accepted without prior written authorization, unless we made an error in shipment. The listing of any products in our catalogue and price list does not imply the absence of patents, and does not constitute license under any existing or pending patent. We are not responsible for any patent infringement resulting from the use of our products.


Use of our chemicals


All compounds listed in our Price List or in our List of Special Compounds are for research and development purposes only. They may not be used as drugs, food additives, cosmetics, household chemicals, or for any other non-laboratory purpose.




Period of delivery will be given upon receipt of an inquiry or order.