The Project Division PlantMetaChem (PMC) is based on the production of plant metabolites and chemicals such as pigments, flavonoids, phenolics and other natural compounds including various intermediates for research and development. Our products are used as chromatographic standards and test samples in different research and industrial areas (e.g. agriculture, life science, nutrition, pharmacology and medicine).

Furthermore, the R&D network at PMC focuses on developing new products to continuously increase the product and service portfolio.


Services and benefits


Main products are common and rare flavonoids (e.g. Quercetin 7-O-glucoside, dihydrokaempferol, leucoanthocyanidins) and pathway intermediates, such as cinnamic acid CoA esters.


On request we offer LC/MS and NMR analytics of most of our products (e.g. Diosmetin D 009) or for your compound of interest.


PMC offers isolation and synthesis of natural compounds on demand.


  • We also distribute chemical building blocks (ask for details PlantMetaChem).

  • For actual product & price list see here (Price list) or sent your special request to PlantMetaChem.


    Partner and networks


    PMC is part of an international network devoted to offer quality products and services around plant metabolomics and fluxomics. Due to our cooperations we are able to offer several natural compounds not found in the product list yet and chemical compounds (libraries) or building blocks, e.g.


    • Benzodiazolethions
    • Indols
    • Phenyl-pyrazolons 
    • and others

    Please send us your special request.