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Plant Metabolites and Chemicals for Research and Development


The Project Devision was founded in March 2005 within the TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer (Gießen, Germany) initially under the name "Flavonoidforschung". In October 2010 the unit was renamed into "Plant Metabolites and Chemicals" to take into account the recent developments.


The Project Division PlantMetaChem (PMC) is based on the production of plant metabolites and chemicals such as pigments, flavonoids, phenolics and other natural compounds including various intermediates for research and development. Our products are used as chromatographic standards and test samples in different research and industrial areas (e.g. agriculture, life science, nutrition, pharmacology and medicine).


Furthermore, the R&D network at PMC focuses on developing new products to continuously increase the product and service portfolio. 



Projects involved


    G 040 Gentiopicroside HPLC > 98%

    C 078 Columbianetin HPLC > 98%

    M 034 Marmesin HPLC > 98%

    P 064 Phloretin 2'-xyloglucoside HPLC > 98%

    A 036 Apigenin 7-O-glucoside HPLC > 98%

    I 019 Isorhamnetin-3-O-glucoside HPLC > 98%

    I 027 Isorhapontigenin HPLC > 98%

    O 013 Ononin HPLC > 98%

    T 032 Tectochrysin HPLC > 98%

    C 027 Coniferyl alcohol HPLC > 98%

    C 077 Coniferyl aldehyde HPLC > 98%



FEBRUARY 2018 (more)


    B 002 Baicalein HPLC > 98%

    C 020 Caffeoyl alcohol HPLC > 98%

    D 005 Dihydroquercetin HPLC > 98%

    E 010 Eupatorin TLC

    F 002 Feruloyl-CoA TLC

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